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Mirror Cake

Mirror Cake

Mirror Cake Mirror cakes have taken the internet b

This Mirror Glaze Cake Is Literally Insane

This Mirror Glaze Cake Is Literally Insane

Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake

Srawberry and chocolate mirror cake, made with a soft dark chocolate cake at the bottom, followed by a white chocolate mousse, a strawberry jelly insert and a dark chocolate mirror glaze. This cake looks really impressive and tastes absolutely amazing.

Sara Lee Chocolate Gateau ~ Recipe

Need an impressive birthday cake recipe? This chocolate gateau is exactly what you're looking for.

Matcha Adzuki Mousse Cake

With an Oreo crust and layers of creamy mousse, this pretty cake is dessert at its tastiest.

Chocolate Petal Flower Cup Parfait

This chocolatey dessert filled with cake, berries and whipped cream is almost too pretty to eat.

Easy Homemade Chocolates

Homemade gourmet chocolates in an ice tray – the easiest gift idea that everyone will love. Use white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate to coat the ice tray, and then add any filings you like: candies, nuts, fruits, oreos, peanut butter cups or marshmallows. One of the best homemade gifts for holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines or Christmas!

Dôme chocolat glace vanille

Fondez de bonheur pour la coque chocolat glacé fourrée à la vanille

Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe

This Chocolate Coffee Cake is moist, rich, and creamy. Intense chocolate and coffee taste. 4 chocolate coffee cake layers frosted with coffee cream frosting and topped with chocolate glaze. #baking #coffeecake #chocolate #desserts #sweets

Chocolate Mousse

Build up back to look like Doom Buggy?

Baked Camembert With Pancetta Breadstick Twists ~

Baked Camembert is a super popular sharing dish, add in our awesome pancetta pastry dippers and you've got a winner!

Mirror Cake