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The Simple (but Magical) Phrase for When Your Kids are Fighting

The Simple (but Magical) Phrase for When Your Kids are Fighting

The Simple (but Magical) Phrase for When Your Kids

Raising Kind Sons

Strong boys who listen to their heart and grow into gentlemen are taught these 7 simple things as a kid. Raise your son to be a strong, yet gentle man. #raisingboys #raisingsons #boymom #raisinggentlemen #parentingtips #raisinghappykids #parentinghacks #emotionallyhealthyboys #strongboys

Improve child behavior problems with daily parenti

Child behaviors are complex, yet parents can help improve a child's behavior and mood by practicing these proven parenting tips for managing emotional regulation, and behavior problems with difficult children, toddlers and preschoolers, teens and beyond.

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Proven Parenting tips for how to raise a confident

All parents want to raise a confident daughter who has a strong self-esteem and can stand up for herself. Science tells us when parents teach their girls these 5 parenting tips they will raise daughters who are strong, confident, and kind.

How to Discipline a Child: 13 Logical Consequences

13 Logical Consequences that Actually Work | Enforcing logical consequences in the classroom and at home is a fabulous way for teachers to encourage good classroom behavior and parents to get kids to behave without yelling, but knowing HOW to use logical consequences (and how to implement them successfully) can be tricky. We’re sharing our best positive parenting tips and 13 logical consequences that actually work!

Why Toddlers Deliberately Disobey (And What to Do

Parenting toddlers can be challenging, especially when they deliberately disobey. Understanding why toddlers act the way they do is the first step in handling challenging toddler behaviors. Check out these 7 reasons why toddlers deliberately disobey and some positive parenting tips and tricks to end challenging behaviors and prevent them from happening in the first place. #parenting #parentingtips #parentingtoddlers #parenting101 #positiveparenting #parentinghacks

5 'pencil-free' ways you can assist with tricky me

How piano teachers can avoid writing in finger numbers or note names to help their students through difficult places in their piece while building long-term strategies instead. #TeachPianoToday #PianoLessons #PianoTeaching

Why harsh discipline and punishment don't help kid

Almost every parent wants what's best for their child. For far too long these outdated discipline tips have been used in an attempt to improve a child's behavior. These harsh parenting approaches only serve to create anxiety, shame, low-confidence and other harmful negative effects on a child's mental health.

The 9 Things Your Kids Really Needs You to Do Ever

All kids have needs that we as parents work hard to meet but there are other vitally important needs that too often we don't even know our kids desperately need and they don't know how to ask! Get the list here! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parenting101 #positiveparenting #motherhood

16 Signs of Bad Parenting And 7 Ways to Fix It

How well are you parenting your kid(s)? This post tells you all about bad parenting and ways to handle your kids. Read on!

The Simple (but Magical) Phrase for When Your Kids are Fighting