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How to Choose the Right Hair Color

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How to bleach wash hair

Intense ash blonde hair - to get this colour, lighten to pale yellow and then tone with 9A for that over-toned slight blue tinge of silver...

Metallic hair was major in 2016, especially after

Metallic hair was major in 2016, especially after Guy Tang launched his metallic hair dye line. | 17 Hair Trends That Made 2016 Colorful AF

Obsessed with this undercover rainbow hair 🌈. πŸ“Έ ks

'Undercover colour' is the mash up colour trend featuring gorgeous natural tones on top and a hidden pop of colour revealed with just one swish. And Instagram is providing all the inspiration we need for the perfect colour combos.

Γ¨ tutta questione di gusti, HAIR! on We Heart It

ugh i wish my hair was blonde, so that i could dye it without all the trouble of bleaching it out

My Darling Rainbow

Pastel Blue Ombre wig. long curly blue wig with si

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Silver wig. Lavender Silver color Long volume curly door kekeshop