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How to Heal Yourself Through Color | Sealed With Love

How to Heal Yourself Through Color | Sealed With Love

How to Heal Yourself Through Color | Sealed With L

Chakra Balancing - Ultimate Guide for Healing Your

An introduction to chakra balancing, why you need to balance your energy centers and countless tips on healing your chakras. A great starting point to chakras for beginners. Chakra System | Spirituality | Kundalini | Shiva Shakti | Prana | Chi | Life Forces | Life Energies | Spiritual Awakening | Enlightenment | Self-discovery | Self-awareness |7 Chakras | Blocked Chakra | Affirmations |Crown | Root | Third Eye

Dr. Nicole LePera on Instagram: “We talk a lot abo

Dr. Nicole LePera (@the.holistic.psychologist) • the.holistic.psychologist We talk a lot about epidemics. There is one we don’t talk about: adults who’ve not reached emotional maturity. A majority of us were raised by parents who themselves were emotionally stunted.

Spiritual Awakening : My Strange Story

My story from hopelessness to happiness. How my spiritual journey began all thanks to seeing 11:11 on the clock, followed by a number of unexplainable synchronicities and divine intervention. 1111 | Angel Numbers | Intuition | Psychic Senses | Clairvoyant | Healing | Empath | Inner Peace | Spiritual Awakening | Enlightenment | Moksha

Printable Chakra Chart

$3.99 Printable Chakra Reference Poster. Discover the 7 chakra locations, characteristics of healthy and unhealthy chakras, chakra crystals for the 7 chakras, chakra colors, and the consciousness of the 7 chakras. This digital .pdf download was created by Della Reside and is formatted to be printed as an 11*17” poster. Click here to purchase and learn more about chakras, self-awareness and Cellular Consciousness. #cellularconsciousness #chakras

3 Crystals to Support & Empower | Sealed with Love

Check out the top 3 crystals to support and empower you during heightened Venus and New & Full Moon Energies. This is an opportune time to clear emotional blocks, and reassess who and what we want in our lives. ~Sealed With Love~ Discover Your True Colors, Awaken Your Intuition, Learn How to Be Empowered Every Day ~ Crystal Oracle free with subscription!


The Chakras are the way in which our consciousness and energy system interacts with the "outer" world. There are variations on the number of...

Selenite Properties + Six Ways to Use Selenite

Selenite is a very powerful healing crystal. Read this blog post to learn all about the properties of selenite and how to use selenite for crystal healing! #crystalhealing #selenite #crystalproperties | A Flourishing Soul

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The CBT triangle in meditation

The CBT triangle in meditation

Soul Contracts : Why Everything Happens

Understand the spiritual laws of the universe, and become empowered to take better control of life!

How to Heal Yourself Through Color | Sealed With Love

How to Heal Yourself Through Color | Sealed With Love